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(Thai,AfghanxMexicansat) X
(BrazilianXSouth Indian )

70% sativa 30% indica

Indoor: 8-10 weeks

Outdoor: end september         beginning  October

Thc: 18/22

Sometimes you really need a flower that stands out amongst all other flowers in your garden ,here at ews we would like to offer you this top shelf jewel that’s potency can rarely be rivaled by few other companies ...this Thai afghan Mexican Sativa, old school and infamous in the northern humboldt county area in the late 90s and early 2000s was isolated back then and was crossed with our Brazilian South Indian known for its reliability and bag appeal to bring you a minty Rush combined with a fresh lemon flavor that some people compare to the experience of eating the children’s cereal fruity pebbles...when potency- potency- potency-, matters don’t throw in another watered down OG ,Glue ,or sherbet cross into your garden ,try the freeze & flavor of our companies- freeze train-to keep things cool with your buyers when they are looking for the most intoxicating new experience they can find from throw back strains for the future of this ever shaping and growing medical and recreational industry......we would like to boast a 49-56 flower period indoors for above average yields of frosty icicles for your rooms, or a easy mid sept outdoor yield that can be grown in places like Italy ,California,Spain ,and Australia, and all the way to places like British Columbia and their pacific costal areas from Vancouver and salt spring  island to the interior Nelson area in Canada all the way down to sunny Santa Cruz on the lovely coast of California and everywhere in between,also known for ease in outdoor cultivation in places in the Netherlands.....after growing EARTH WITCH SEEDS- freeze train - it may be the last station for your needs.....

lemon mint fruity pebbles.

extreme cerebral high followed by a nice indicator body stone filled with energetic creativity, great for enjoing music, art, outdoors.

insomnia, appetite stimulation.


Earth Witch Seeds Bank est 2018