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(Brazilian x south India) X Mendo County house legend

40% sat 60% indica

Indoor: Flower 7/9 weeks

Outdoor: Early October

Thc 19/23

No, No, this is not another boring cookies or glue cross, this time we have brought you a Brazilian / South Indian variety known for its unsurpassed bag appeal & strength crossed with a mendo house legend known for its almost pure menthol taste and mind numbing potency of a strong indica that is sure to leave any insomniac cat napping for hours just fine,this cross brings you a rich rose note on the inhale that turns into a bright mint that pops like Moroccan mint tea staining your pallet cool green on exhale...the bag appeal is bright neon green that is frosted white in trichomes...... expect above average yields of unique flowers in just 56–63 days or early oct .....

mint , extreme menthol , sweet minty.

warm fuzzy indica effect with energetic rish of a slide sativa heritage.

Medical:pain release, artrosi , nausea.


Earth Witch Seeds Bank est 2018