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Amazing amnesia haze pheno crossed with the world famous Mendo Pineapple

80% sativa 20% indica

Indoor: 9/11 weeks

Outdoor: Mid October

Thc: 18/19


We selected our award winning pineapple strain from Mendocino county in the early 2000’s that was used to create pineapple trainwreck in the salmon creek community of southern humboldt hailed for its own version of a big bud strain called salmon creek big bud,this community with so many close friends and family of ews is very close to one of our earth witch seed farms allowing us to have direct reach into these endangered gene pools.

Known for its potent cerebral high, strong citrus flavor and nice bright electric green colors and of course epic yields ,we selected 1 pheno of thousands of breeding stock to bring you a citrus Rush of the pineapple twisted with a special tropical floral fruit flavor of the  amnesia haze that was again chosen from 1000s of plants for its potency and flavor and reduced flowering time.....

Together we bring you a unique flavor of rich hashy citrus pineapple on the inhail combined with a intense floral tropical fruit flavor experienced of the back of the pallet for the exhale,this unique strain is a classic example of why fuely gelatoey flavors are on their way back out the door to new upcoming flavors of real Northern California.....flowering time is 63 days or early/ oct with great mold resistance to botrytis mold experienced by many costal growers in many fog belts .....

..More details out soon..


Earth Witch Seeds Bank est 2018