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Massachusetts Super Skunk x Chemdawg 91 x Special Afghani from Groningen Netherlands

40% sativa 60% indica

Indoor: 9 weeks (63|67 days)

Outdoor: Early October

Thc: 16/21 %

Where do we begin, From our farm to your table E.W.S. brings you sour mangos, this lucrative All-Star plant is a great genetic design of a 40% Sativa  60 % Indica that leaves the soury grapefruit diesel flavor and nose expected of the diesel for your consumers but enriched by our research and development specialists to create a more sweet candied mango flavor that is subtle on the nose but strong on the exhale on the back of pallet after the soury grapefruit rush of the diesel tappers off, this an absolute aroma and flavor masterpiece brought to you from E.W.S...

The flowering time for sour mangos is an easy 63-67 days (about 9 to 9 1/2weeks) that will be done the first week of October with an above average yield that can grow massive crystal coated spears that that will need to be staked up for support in later flowering due to weight of these buds, this plant is a great cash cropper, and medically is very good for depression and anxiety.....

When life throws you lemons, grow sour Mangos instead !

..More details out soon..


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